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Run an event

The Langdon granary and garden are available for you to hire for your event, meeting, course or gathering. We are not a ‘party and wedding venue’, but we do welcome any other sort of event by organisation or individuals who align with our values.

The Granary

The Granary is suitable for small classes, meetings or events (15-20 max), with chairs/tables/benches/blankets available for a range of set ups. Tea and coffee can be provided, as well as a delicious selection of foods from local sustainable caterer, Wasted Kitchen. There is access to a toilet nearby in the main house. 

The Granary is perfect for connecting with the garden. On warm days you can have the large French windows open and have the best of all worlds, with shade inside, and the deck and lawn outside to spread out to. If it’s cooler, you can enjoy the warm and bright interior, while still having lots of windows to look out and enjoy the meadow view.


See our Visit page for more information about Accessibility

There are many other areas around the garden that you may also wish to incorporate into your event, such as the pond, meadow, or walled vegetable garden.  Availability of these will depend on other events happening on the day, but please do talk to us about what’s possible and we’ll do all we can to help you make the most of the garden for your event. 

Contact Sally at or call me on 07921 064 029 to find out more. 

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