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About Us

Our Mission

  • To create a garden that is welcoming to humans and all other wildlife, where people connect mindfully with the natural world and learn how to care for it. 

  • To inspire, enable and empower people to be part of the solution in healing our damaged planet. 

Our Beliefs

  • To heal and regenerate our planet we must reconnect with the natural world and understand more deeply our place within it.

  • We share this land with the wildlife that also sleeps, eats and plays here. We respect and care for it as much as we know how. 

  • We work with nature and not against it. We use organic methods and never use chemicals to kill or artificially fertilise.

  • Small acts of love shown towards small pieces of the planet have huge power, a rippling restoring wave more widely felt than we can fully know.

  • Our garden is perfectly imperfect - just like us.

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Sally Edge

Founder & Manager

I moved to Langdon with my family in 2017 and since then I have been learning how to look after our three-acre garden. Figuring out how to work with plants, people and wildlife in a way that is beneficial to all is an immense and fascinating task that I am loving.

My background is in teaching – for twenty years I travelled the world teaching English as a foreign language. Now my garden is my classroom and my teacher. 

I’m a people-person though, and I needed a way to bring my community here to the garden to learn with me. And so, the idea of Langdon as a garden venue was a born – a place where all my passions – learning, community, gardening and caring for the planet – can come together. 

Come and join me and the rest of the Langdon team. Growing, closer to nature. 


The Langdon Team


Brian Weatherly

Fellow-owner of Langdon. Spends every spare moment designing and building wonderful spaces in the house and the garden.


Gail Rowlands

Gardener. Creates beautiful flower beds, shares her gardening skills and experience with us, guides us to work with nature and enhance what our garden wants to be.

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John Morgan

Groundsman. Cares for our land with dedication, mowing and strimming, composting and mulching.

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